How We Work

An Artisan's Approach

Our works are crafted much like short films and take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete. SfuMato does not offer picture slide shows set to music, but celebratory movies that stand alone as works of art. Our clients don’t always have a clear sense of what the commissioned piece is to be – just that it needs to be quite special. A large part of our work is determining what will make for a memorable retrospective and in taking the necessary steps to gather material that will work toward that end. Each commission will vary slightly in development, as each situation and circumstance is unique.

Finding a Story

A compelling story is not necessarily obvious at first blush. But in time, with research and conversation, a story will always emerge. We initiate and conduct conversations with a client’s family and friends to gather timeline materials and information; contact historical agencies for archival footage; gather and sift photographs, videos, films, memorabilia, audio interviews, and any additional bits and pieces that we have been able to track down. Then, and only then, does the story begin to unfold.

Telling the Story

Simply put, retrospectives retrace the steps – some simple, some complex – that have subtly led to the point of a very special celebration. Why a retrospective and not a photo montage? Because, when we think back on the moments that have shaped our lives, we don’t think in terms of isolated pictures -- we remember our experiences full of detail and still very much alive. Our musings are complete with sound, conversation, and the voices of our friends and family. We recall events in real time and remember the feel of a moment – and, in turn, how the moment made us feel.